Headteacher's Welcome

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Elizabeth Wellington
Executive Headteacher

A progressive web app (PWA) is a software platform for creating beautiful and engaging websites. But the clever thing is, they also work like an app when installed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

School PWA makes it easy for schools of all sizes to publish statutory content, news updates, calendar items and policy documents. Parents can follow their child's learning groups and keep up to date with everything happening in school. Packed with all the latest features, School PWA is great for building parental engagement.

Because most of the code gets pre-loaded during installation, web apps are silky smooth and lightning fast. Not only are they inherently better than ordinary websites, the user experience often exceeds that of a conventional app.

Unlike a smartphone application, a PWA can be installed without the need to sign in to an app store. So when visiting the school website on their cellphone, a parent can just add it their home screen. After doing so, it behaves like an app almost immediately.

TO DO: Documentation for app installation on iPhone as this is not as obvious as on Android.

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